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I Just Love This Awesome Chair -gift- by CyanGlitch

This picture above was made by :iconcyanglitch:

Check out her profile, and support her!

Also look at this wonderful gift, made by the fabulous :iconthezhadowhorse:…

Wolfie Stamp  by NigthmareWolf
Nathan the Otter stamp by BlueSkyOtter


The story behind Forgiveness-page22 by leda456
The story behind Forgiveness-page22
Poster: The story behind "Forgiveness"
First page: The story behind "Forgiveness" -page01

Previous page: The strory behind "Forgiveness" -page21

I am so sorry people!
Sorry for making you wait so much for this page, but its finally here.
But this gap between page 21 and page 22 proved me that you really are interested, and want to see more of this comic, thank you very-very much!
So the comic is not cancelled, it's still in progress, as you can see, and i will try to post more often from now. 

Now let me tell you why was this huge gap. 
Besides real life and job, i spent a lot of time with my friends, and i was on vacation in the last 11 days. 
I was in Greece, and i planned to post this page during vacation, but couldn't log in to DeviantArt, i kept getting some greek error message.
This was the same reason why i didn't respont to comments and notes. I couldn't use skype either, and lots of other websites, so basically i was unable to let you know why i disappeared all of a sudden.
And basically the internet was unusable in general.
(i found the router of the apartment, it was outside, in a bag, sticked to a metal tube with duct tape. *Sigh...*

But i'm back and i saw the comments and notes, and i will respont to all of them.
I also saw some of you asked my permission to use some of my artworks for remix videos, ect. My answer is YES, you can use them, as long as you give me credit.
But i will respont to these questions/requests too. and i will write comments to lots of artworks as well :3

Thank you everybody for your patience, i hope you like it :)
Snowdrops by leda456
Dear Everybody!
First of all, let's clarify one thing: This is NOT a ship.

Please! Don't write comments about shipping.
If you post comments like "i ship it" and such, i will hide your comment!
Thank you for your understanding.

Now, let me tell you the story behind this picture:

A few weeks ago, on the June 7th it happened that someone stole my artworks, an that was the 3rd time/thief that week. And it was only Tuesday -____-
This gave me a very hard time. 

While most of the things about me are secrets, like my name, age, gender, ect. there's one thing that i felt my friends have to know about me.
This one thing is that i have anger issues, and sometimes i tend to lose my mind completely over the smallest things. I'm good btw, no need to worry : )

So, when this art theft happened, i was very close to reach a new nadir. Fortunately, my DA friends were all there for me, and tried to reassure me.
Then i started to talk to Mirage-Epoque in private about the theft, and my issues, and they helped me a lot, and after a long talk, they posted something on DA.
When i saw it, my heart stopped for a moment. My mind was clear again, and all of a sudden, i didn't feel anything, but gratitude.
I forgot everything, and i felt like i wasn't upset at all.
I saw this artwork:
Snowdrops by Mirage-Epoque      
"Snödroppe"/"Snödroppar" in Swedish (...) I made this one for a very fabulous furniture who happens to have these as their favorite flower. (...)            - Mirage-Epoque 
Everything about this image -the soft use of the brush, the colors, and since snowdrops are my favorite flowers, the theme- is so wonderful, it has a special power to make me calm. 
With this picture, i would like to thank Mirage/Bootman, for being such an amazing friend, and helping me when i really needed it.

Thank you Mirage-Epoque for everything!

You are my hero

( ' u ' )

I hope you like it : )

Bootman belongs to :iconmirage-epoque:
Chair belongs to me.


Dear everybody!

I want you to know that Yesterday, :iconnegaduck9: told me that someone steals my comic, along with her "Springaling" and some of Atlas-White 's comics.
Of course, without asking our permission or giving credit.

I checked it and saw that he posted almost every "The story behind Forgiveness" pages, and almost the whole Springaling!!!

Check out this *sshole:

You may have to scroll down to see my comic, but the fact that he steals Springaling is more than enough for me to get very angry and upset about it.

Also, he posted a video about my comic on youtube:

Check out his youtube profile:

As you can see, this vermin doesn't dare to share anything about himself.


UPDATE: here's his twitter:
and his vine account:

his tweet bear -or whatever:…

Thank you for helping me guys : )

I reported him, and i saw that some people recognized Negaduck9 and wrote some comments.

Now, i would like to ask you -my dear watchers- something : )

Please, help me find more informations about him. DeviantART account, e-mail address, or everything you find.

UPDATE: Don't be afraid, i just want to have a long conversation with him. Also, sorry, if i seemed too harsh, but this made me very upset, and its not easy to handle this with anger issues ^^'

Also, make sure to check out :iconnegaduck9: and  :iconatlas-white: and their amazing stuff <3

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 (Heart stands for that i care for you much :3)
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